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Welcome Blood aficionados!

Over the years, many people have asked to see my unique Blood collection. Well, here is a summer 2008 update!

Blood 1 Sealed
Pictured is:
OUWB double-sealed (round stickers + cellophane), Blood 1 European sealed, Custom 20"x16" Blood poster (Blood 1 box artwork), Origianl Blood sealed regular edition.
Unlock The Secrets sealed, Blood Special Edition sealed, Blood strategy guide sealed, July 1997 PC Gamer Review of Blood.
Plasma Pak sealed, Cryptic Passage sealed, Blood mouse pad (came attached to a copy of Blood SE), Two Blood temporary tatoos, Blood Shareware sealed.

Blood 2 Sealed
Pictured is:
Blood 2 sealed, Blood 2 Best Buy Exclusive with Blood 1 inside sealed, Blood 2: Nightmare Levels w/ Blood 2 Strategy guide inside (open), Blood 2: Nightmare Levels sealed
Blood 2 sealed, different upc sticker, Blood 2 Strategy Guide sealed, Blood 2: Nightmare Levels European sealed
Blood 2 European Re-Play package, Blood 2 European standard, Blood 2 European Infrogrames cover (Note: no European Blood 2 boxes appeared to be sealed), Blood 2 mini two-sided poster

Blood 1 Opened
Pictured is:
Blood Strategy Guide open, Blood 2 Strategy Guide open, Blood Strategy Guide sealed, Blood 2 Strategy Guide sealed
Cryptic Passage open, Blood European jewel open, Blood SE open, Blood open
Cryptic Passage open, Plasma Pak open, Blood Shareware open
Plasma Pak open, Blood original box open, Blood 2 Nightmare Levels jewel open, Blood 2 jewel open, Blood European box open.

Misc Blood Artwork
Pictured is:
Calebesqe drawing by Damien Azreal, My original tattered Blood 2 box, The two-page Blood ad (inside July 1997 PC Gamer)
Caleb drawing with Blood emboss by Damien Azreal, Blood two mini two-sided poster (repeat of above, see here for other side), 3 Deathmask comics (not at all Blood related, but neat to me!)

Extra Blood Boxed Items
Pictured is:
2 open One Unit Whole Blood boxes, 5 sealed Cryptic Passage boxes, 13 sealed Blood Special Edition boxes
3 sealed Unlock The Secrets boxes, 2 sealed Plasma Pak boxes, open Blood 2 European Re-Play, open Blood 2 European regular, 3 sealed Blood 2 Nightmare Levels

Extra Blood Open Jewel Case Items
Pictured is: (out of order, you figure them out!)
1 sealed Blood 2 jewel case, 4 open Blood 2 jewel cases, 1 extra Blood 2 manual, 7 open Blood original open jewel cases, 1 open Blood original missing original jewel case, now in 2 regular jewel cases.
1 open Blood Shareware jewel case without manual, 1 open Blood SE jewel case
1 open Blood 2 European jewel case without manual, 1 open Blood 2 European jewel case with manual, 3 open Cryptic Passage jewel cases with manual, 2 open Unlock The Secrets jewel cases

Q: My name is Dr. xxxxx, are you sane? If not, heres my card (attached).
A: I'm completely sane, just a Blood fanatic!

Q: I'm looking for x version of y, can you sell me a copy or help me find one?
A: I may be willing to help you aquire a copy, however, please visit the Transfusion forums, if you can't find what you need, make a post or send me a private message on those forums and I will do my best to help you out!

Q: What happened to your old collection page? It had some neat pictures on it that are not on this new page, I want it back!
A: The old page is still alive, archived here. For other images, see my image repository located at

Q: Wow, you have everything! (Ok, not really a question)
A: Almost. There are still a few things I'm known to be missing: An original Blood t-shirt, the German boxed version of Blood 1, the European boxed shareware version, and the Australian boxed version.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a Bloody great day!

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